What is Energy Enhancement System?

The Energy Enhancement System™ (EE System™) generates multiple bio-active life enhancing energy fields, including “scalar waves” which can allow cell regeneration, improve immune function, provide relief from pain, detoxify the body, elevate moods, and assist in balancing right and left hemispheres of the brain to increase energy levels.

This stunning technology, developed over 20 years by Dr. Sandra Rose Michael, Ph.D, DNM, DCSJl, uses custom-installed computers to generate morphogenic energy fields that can promote healing. The EE System has been recognized at dozens of medical, scientific and professional conferences around the world.

The EE System has been installed throughout the United States and internationally to promote wellness, healing, relaxation, purification and rejuvenation. This ecologically & environmentally safe system is used by individuals, doctors, and therapists as well as Meditation and Wellness Centers to improve human development and psychological well-being.

The Energy Enhancement System combines Body, Mind, Spirit, and Science to help you achieve peak performance and reach higher states of health, consciousness and self-actualization. The future is here.

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How Does the EE System Work?

This revolutionary technology, developed over 20 years ago by Dr. Sandra Rose Michael, Ph.D, D M , DCSJI, uses custom installed computers which generate bio-active energy fields called "scalar waves". These promote wellness for cell regeneration, improved immune function, relief of pain, body detoxification, elevated mood and consciousness, and the balancing of the right and left brain hemispheres for increased energy levels. Ultimately, it assists in facilitating an optimal healing environment that can assist the body to begin healing itself.

Every Cell Has an Electrical Charge

Health starts within your cells. A high electrical charge within your cells will lead you to experience health and a low electrical charge will lead you to experience disease. The goal is to charge our cells to facilitate good health.

Therefore, one of the main intended components of the EE System is to charge the cells based on the principle that we interact with the energetic resonance of our environment. When you're in an environment that is charged at 70-90 millivolts and spend enough time in that environment, your cells will begin to assimilate and sync to their optimal charge levels which promotes the body to heal itself on potentially a multitude of levels.

The Goal is to Charge Our Cells

Power That Made the Body Heals the Body

Have you questioned how the EE System science works and how it was brought to fruition? Hear it straight from the inventor and founder of the EE System technology, Dr. Sandra Rose Michael! In this video, she explains how the EE System was developed to enhance the life force and light force energy that is within us all, allowing our bodies to come back to balance. Stay tuned until the end to learn about DNA repair, age reversal, oxygenation of the red blood cells, and much more!

Interview With Dr. Sandra Rose Michael

Fantastic interview with Dr. Sandra Rose Michael, Ph.D, DNM, DCSJl. This interview is over an hour long but well worth the watch. Dr. Sandra Rose outlines how she developed the EE System and shares some of the amazing responses some people have had.

Additional Research and Information

EE System has a great collection of research articles and published clinical studies.